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Nurturing Neighbourhoods

Nurturing Neighbourhoods

Our commitment to sustainable living

"At PLATFORM_ we recognise that the built environment is one of the largest contributors to climate change and that we, as a developer of new homes and landlord to thousands of residents, have the opportunity and responsibility to create positive environmental and social outcomes for our neighbourhoods.

Our role is to nurture those neighbourhoods over the long term. 

We are committed to addressing the causes and impacts of climate change within our control and promoting wellbeing for our residents and communities. 

To help us deliver on these objectives, we have established our commitments to sustainable living. These are targets which together represent positive outcomes addressing the impacts of climate change and enhancing the experience of our residents. 

Our commitments to sustainable living span our activities across the business. I’m proud to see the steps being taken by each of our teams, working together, to address the challenges arising and create opportunities to improve our offer to residents and create sustainable, long-term investment returns."


Jean-Marc Vandevivere, CEO

Jean-Marc Vandevivere, CEO
Our Sustainable Living Pillars


Our focus on nurturing neighbourhoods goes beyond just mitigating the impacts of climate change as we aim to enhance our residents’ experience and create long term value for our investors and other stakeholders from the opportunities that come out of ESG challenges. Our commitments to sustainable living cover the development of new residential-led neighbourhoods, including any commercial space, as well as the operation of our existing buildings.

The commitments cover three pillars:

  • Environment - Environmentally regenerative
  • Social - People centric
  • Governance - Future proofing our business

Our approach aligns our policies and targets with the priorities of our residents, investors and wider stakeholders whilst ensuring that we remain ahead of relevant emerging legislation.

Our approach to defining and achieving our targets will continue to evolve to respond to market, environmental and social changes. We have appointed sustainability champions across the business, who together comprise the Sustainability Steering Group which oversees the delivery and evolution of our commitments.

Our commitments to sustainable living at a glance:

Our Commitments

Our Environmental Commitments

Our Environmental commitments define how we design, develop and operate buildings sustainably by minimising and ultimately removing their impact on the environment through the development and operational life cycle.

Through our ‘Environmentally regenerative’ pillar we focus on reducing embodied carbon and becoming a Net Zero BTR operator.

We work closely with our landscape architects from the early stages of development, to ensure we contribute positively to the local natural environment and biodiversity.

Throughout the design of our buildings, we assess the benefits of alternative methods of construction and materials to improve energy efficiency and reduce embodied carbon during construction and operation.

PLATFORM_ in Milton Keynes



Target to be Net Zero in operation


Biodiversity net gain across our portfolio


Construction waste re-used or recycled

Our Social Commitments

Our Social commitments are set under our ‘People centric’ pillar where we strive to create desirable and high-performing buildings for our PLATFORM_ residents which integrate with the communities around them.

We set out to ensure every PLATFORM_ resident feels welcome and part of the community. Our developments seek to create and nurture the best possible environment for our residents to thrive in terms of both physical and mental wellbeing.

This includes constantly reviewing and evolving our resident services, such as resident events, our state-of-the-art gyms and amenities and our loyalty partnership scheme connecting local businesses with residents.

PLATFORM_ in Cardiff



PLATFORM_ staff paid the real living wage


Business we work with to be local SMEs


New developments to support local community organisations


New developments to embed active design measures and have access to dedicated workspaces

Our Governance Commitments

Our Governance pillar focuses on future-proofing our business. This involves maintaining awareness of emerging best practices across the business and having the right processes in place to evaluate, design and implement changes to our business to protect and create value in a changing environment.

This process is overseen by our Sustainability Steering Group which comprises Sustainability champions from each team in our business.

Sustainability Steering Group


We have signalled our commitment to achieve net zero by becoming signatories of:


EPC B and above on all new residential developments